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Milk Candies (Pastillas de Leche)

Pastillas De Leche

One of Philippines most favorite candies, Pastillas de Leche.
For me, one simple craving rule that if I want to eat it, I have to learn how to do it. That’s if it isn’t that complicated to make (-I seldom crave, anyway). I’ve tried two different recipes prior to this one and so far, this may not be the best online pastillas recipe I’ve found, this, I’d say, is the chewiest and my husband is not complaining at all and kids keep coming back for more. My husband even tried doing it himself.
There are, I believe, three different types of pastillas varying in consistency and sweetness (aside from the different flavors to choose from) : there’s the hard one that as you chew melts in your mouth, then, there’s the chewy one like this one, and the very soft kind that I really love. The soft one is made from carabao’s milk mixed with sugar and boiled to paste where then powdered milk is added till you get the correct consistency. So delish! But since, I am not in the Philippines, I only get to do whatever is available in the market here.
For the ingredients, we will only need 1 can condensed milk + 2 cups powdered milk and sugar for coating. To make it, just incorporate the condensed milk and the powdered milk well. Set it aside for like an hour or two in the cooler. When ready, spread it onto a sheet of wax paper with extra space to roll it on. Cover with another sheet, then, use a rolling pin to flatten to desired thinness or thickness. Cut it and roll in sugar. Then wrap with wax paper or cellophane or japanese paper —or whatever’s available!

I guess that’s about it! Gooooooooooood luck!